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Greater than the greatest

There are always things in life that surpass your expectations.  I have been considering the concept of love lately.  In all its various forms, there is a type of love which is majestic, celebrated and honoured.  But the Bible then … Continue reading

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Mirror mirror

“Magic Mirror on the Wall, who is the Fairest one of all?” – the wicked Queen, Snow White, Disney, 1937 Do you ask yourself the same question when you look in the mirror?  The mirror does not answer back, of course.  … Continue reading

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Times in the desert

You’ve heard it said that, “Life’s a beach.”  Well, I guess that depends on where you’re standing.  I definitely know that life is full of sand.  Sure, there are some really good times when you are swimming through the crystal … Continue reading

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Full working order

I sometimes wish I was super intelligent.  Always creative.  Always able to find the most interesting information on the internet then understand and assimilate it into my ever-expanding memory of pertinent facts, trivial knowledge and witty anecdotes.  That every time … Continue reading

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“Who can separate us from the love of God?”  Romans 8:35 It strikes me that sometimes I can miss the biggest, most obvious detail or fact that is right in front of me.  You’ve heard the expression, “Having a ‘boy … Continue reading

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