Misogyny, Misandry, Or Just Mistaken

or “My Bum’s Got Nothing To Do With This Story Either”
A reply to Tracey Spicer

Dear Tracey,

Thank you!

What you wrote in your letter to Mr Misogynist was so heart-felt.  I totally agree that your gluteal aesthetics are completely irrelevant to your journalistic ability.

And unlike the men you rage against, I am proud to say that I have modern beliefs, a high intellect, and an average sized penis.  I believe in the value of women and I have a healthy respect for them.

A comment on this story I saw on Facebook said, “Seems like we’re having a national debate on sexism via social media. It’s long overdue!”  Too bloody right!  Sexism is rife.  And it is time that something is done about it.

Those misogynist bastards need to be eradicated once and for all.  The fact that women are constantly maligned because they don’t look a certain way is pure evil.  It is a fetid, bitter after-taste that still lingers despite the sweetness of all that feminism has brought us.

Although, I was told when I was a child, “When you point the finger at someone, there are three other fingers pointing right back.”

Men are sexist, true.  But women are just as judgmental and misandrist on the whole.

You know Tracey, I once had a lactation consultant tell me that I couldn’t advise women about breastfeeding because I didn’t have breasts.  She assumed that my medical degree didn’t compensate for my mammary insufficiency.

In the same way, many women assume that I don’t know anything about gynaecology, or would be bad at pap smears for the same reason, because I don’t have the “equipment”.  And yet I have had hundreds of women over the years who, after the procedure is finished, say with a surprised tone, “You are so much more gentle than all of the lady doctors I’ve been to!”

Note that I am not trolling for more pap smears.  The point is that women assume that a man would be less proficient at women’s health because he is a man, even though gender has nothing to do with it.  Women are sexist in their own way.

Mirroring the male half of the population, some women’s misandry is malignant and narcissistic, but most woman hold on to benign misjudgments, resulting from simple ignorance that defines us all as human beings.

You know, it’s funny.  Your title was certainly provocative, and summed up your views so eloquently, “And here’s the news: My bum’s got nothing to do with the story.”  And yet in your closing few paragraphs, you link the misogynists IQ and the size of their phallus.  Is it equally wrong for a woman to enunciate irrational stereotypes about men’s bodies?

If so, then we find ourselves in a conundrum.  Fighting against misogyny is noble, except that to do so exposes the equally distasteful problem of hypocrisy.  Let she who is without sin cast the first stone, as it were.

Perhaps instead of “F— you, you misogynist bully with your archaic beliefs, intellect of a pygmy, and tiny dick”, you could have said something to yourself more like, “Build a bridge” or “Swallow a spoonful of cement.”  Harden up.  Get over it.

Because what we don’t need is more of the same impetuous blend of ignorance and self-righteousness.  We need to focus on what is positive.  Fostering the strengths that our collective humanity possess is a much better way than focusing on and trying to fight the negative.  We need to accept that we are all guilty of sexism on some level, and move forward in spite of it.

It’s a message that even the most inane would find compelling.  No matter what your buttocks looked like.

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