I don’t profess to being a writer.  I know lots of people out there who are truly gifted wordsmiths, able to take complex issues and deep truths and craft an entertaining, logical, thought provoking piece out of them.  I both admire their work, and one day hope to emulate it.

Occasionally I write something interesting, entertaining, topical, or worthy of clicking the ‘LIKE’ button.  But if it is literary gold that you have come searching for, you’ll have to trawl and sift through a lot of quartz to find it here.

I write this for my own catharsis and self-cachetism.  I make no apologies if it is poorly researched, biased, half-baked or bland.  Read this at your own risk.  But if you do find something that sparkles, feel free to share.

Good luck.


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