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Zero Tolerance To Racism

It was hideous.  It had enormous, malevolent eyes which protruded from its head and stared in almost every direction.  Its mouth was a snarling black pit, framed by two pairs of segmented horns covered in spines.  Its huge legs reached … Continue reading

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Aspergers: A diagnostic conspiracy

Andrew Bolt published a letter from “Reader B” today, who claims that the diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome is nothing more than well meaning, easily manipulated doctors ticking whatever box is put in front of them, for no other reason than … Continue reading

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Tacky Tim misleads men and offends everybody

Tim Mathieson sure put his foot in it at a state reception at the Lodge this week.  But the real victims weren’t asian women. Tim Mathieson is Australia’s “First Bloke”.  As such, he gets to host official functions and receptions, … Continue reading

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Grace and Acceptance: Antidote to New Years Delusions

New Years – a time of hope, and promise. Most hope that New Year will be like a reset button for life.  Some will even go so far as to make themselves promises.  We mislabel them “resolutions”.  They’d often be … Continue reading

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Misogyny, Misandry, Or Just Mistaken

or “My Bum’s Got Nothing To Do With This Story Either” A reply to Tracey Spicer Dear Tracey, Thank you! What you wrote in your letter to Mr Misogynist was so heart-felt.  I totally agree that your gluteal aesthetics are … Continue reading

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Ode to Joy: My Musings On Happiness

Happiness.  A great irony in western civilisation.   We have never been more prosperous, and yet we seek that elusive dream of happiness with greater and greater fervour. It struck me that we all seek happiness, but do we truly … Continue reading

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Placebo therapy is fraud

I’ve often had discussions with friends and patients that go something like: Friend/relative/patient: “I went to [blah blah] alternative therapy the other day.  I feel great.  You should recommend [blah blah] alternative therapy to all your patients.” Me: “But [blah … Continue reading

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