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Ode to Joy: My Musings On Happiness

Happiness.  A great irony in western civilisation.   We have never been more prosperous, and yet we seek that elusive dream of happiness with greater and greater fervour. It struck me that we all seek happiness, but do we truly … Continue reading

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Land of the Free – Chapter 2: My Magical Week

Disney World.  Every child’s dream.  A place where dreams come true … unless of course you are that child’s parents.  In which case, your dreams of having a quiet, relaxing week of rest and tranquility will become your worst nightmare! … Continue reading

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Land of the Free, Part 1: City of Angels

America. The land of the free. The home of the brave. The last time I travelled to the US, I was unencumbered. I was free to go and get coffee, or go to the bathroom any time I wanted. I … Continue reading

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